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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holy shit I'm updating my blog.

That's my resolution for this decade actually, become a proper blogger.

So how else to fulfill that than to start 2010 with a special edition of The Bob Awards - The Noughties.

Simple one.

Musical Artist of the Decade.


Snow Patrol

The Daily Mail (UK) voted Chasing Cars as the song of the decade, so they deserve to be here.

Kelly Clarkson.

The first and only American Idol winner that people actually know and remember.

Leona Lewis.

Same here.



Why bother asking? There's not been a single year this decade (I think) that they don't have a song at the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 100.

Worst Musical Artist of the Decade


Jonas Brothers

Err, I admit, I liked Lovebug. But that's the only good thing about them I can think of. They'll be like Hanson, who disappeared when they grew pubes and cracked their voice.


With the rate of his lyrics, I wonder when he's going to sing about f**king blind girls in their eyes.

Simple Plan

Pinch your nose with your fingers, start singing, and you are on your way to imitating their sound.


Paris Hilton

To quote Harith Iskandar from the movie Talentime: "Mom, this Paris Hilton, what does she actually do?".

Album of the Decade


Muse - Black Holes and Revelations


The Killers - Hot Fuss


Leona Lewis - Spirit



Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothin and I Still Got Most of It Left

I haven't heard a single song from this album, or this guy, but with an album name like that, how could he not win?

TV Show of The Decade


(I'm not putting Friends here cause they ended too early in the decade. Sorry)

Two and a Half-Men

Charlie Sheen plus another guy and a kid who are really funny and you get a gem of a show.

Quote - Alan Harper: We're leaving at 7 tomorrow.
            Charlie Harper: AM?!

            Alan: No, Degrees.

How I Met Your Mother

Nail Patrick Harris, for being Barney

Quote - Barney: Mean are not supposed to was dishes. They're supposed to get their wives to have sex        
            with them all the time. That's what Gandhi taught us.

            Ted: I don't think you know who Gandhi is

Doctor Who

Nobody who reads this blog (since your from Malaysia), will know and bother to get to know this frankly brilliant BBC show, so I'll just skip the explanation.


Top Gear

The show in which the presenters were voted to have the best job in the world.
All they do is drive a Ferrari around at high speed, explode a caravan and make fun of other people. Awesome.

Worst TV Show


Everything from MTV, a.k.a. The Hills to that Super-Sweet Sixteen rubbish.

Character of the Decade


Barney Stinson

Shrek (who came very close to winning)

Hermione Granger (For being smart, loyal, and every nerds wet dream)

Luna Lovegood (For being everything that a book needs, a weirdo)

The Tenth Doctor (From Doctor Who. I won't bother explaining)


Jack Sparrow

When people talk about the 80's, they think of Darth Vader. When they think of the Noughties, they'll think of the-Johnny-Depp-is-awesome-as Captain Jack

Worst Character of the Decade


Jar-Jar Binks

Anakin Skywalker (Yes, my favorite space opera has two characters that I despise)


Anyone from the Twilight movies.

Best Movie of the Decade.


Inside Man

Denzel Washington and Clive Owen argue about a bank robbery, means it's brilliant.

Slumdog Millionaire

Kicking Hollywood's arse.

Casino Royale

HRM's best agent's best movie


Are you really surprised?

The Dark Knight

But, truthfully, I enjoyed Gary Oldman as Comissioner Gordon even more than Heath Ledger as the Joker. Heck, my mom, who dislikes this genre of movies, likes it too.

Worst Movies of the Decade

Death Race

Aliens VS Predator 1

Aliens VS Predator 2

They all suck.

Actor of the Decade (Film & TV)


Johnny Depp

Who can beat this marvelous man's simply awesome method acting?

Gary Oldman

Awesome as Commisioner Gordon and Sirius Black

Alan Rickman

Severus Snape, the grumpy boss from Love Actually. He stole the scenes he was in.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men

Neil Patrick Harris


Cristiano Ronaldo


David Tenant as the Tenth Doctor.

Okay, I'm fed up. Doctor who started in 1963, and every few years, the actor who plays the main character, The Doctor, changes. To sum up how awesome Tenant was as the Doctor, in his very first season as the Doctor in 2006, he won the The Best Doctor Poll by the Daily Telegraph. He beat favorite Tom Baker, who was the Doctor for 4 years and the winner of the 1999 poll. For god's sake, go watch it.

On a personal note, Tennant just left the role as the Doctor, and I say goodbye to him with the fondest of memories and the best of good wishes. Here's hoping that his replacement, Matt Smith, get's as good a run as Tennant.

Actress of the Decade


Meryl Streep

Just that awesome role in Mamma Mia is enough

Dame Helen Mirren

Why should I explain?

Emma Watson

She's the only actress from the Harry Potter movies who has been consistently brilliant


Britney Spears

For her awesome portrayal as Bruce Willis.

Worst Actor of the Decade

Barack Obama

"Change. Yes We Can!"

What the hell has changed, Mr President?

Worst Actress of the Decade

This Bitch

Sex Tapes of the Decade

Paris Hilton

It brought her to the attention of millions.

Chua Soi Lek

This guy had a sex tape, but yet can still win MCA presidency. Best Porn Star in the world.

Websites of the decade


I can watch shows illegally XD


My mom's on it. Nuff' said

Great Things of the Decade

Book to movies: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have led the 'wireless' generation to opening books for fun.

Association Football: It's become a lifestyle, rather than a sport people like.

Timbaland: Genius

Apple: The iPhone, iTunes and iPod. Here's a joke. Apple is coming out with the iBoob. It's because women complain that men stare at their breasts without listening.

Nvidia: The bloody company became the most profitable company for 2008. What does it do? Sell graphic cards. Go figure.

Guitar Hero

Horrible Things of the Decade

Hollywood Overdoing It: Miley Cyrus to play Super Girl. Yuck

Paris Hilton

Disney buys Marvel: Wolverine, the Disney Character.

Twitter: We can barely talk properly, now you want us to type in 140 characters or less? How stupid is that?

Positive Deaths of the Decade:

MG Rover: One of the most horrible car companies in the world goes Kaput.

WWE: It's back to just being watched by rednecks now.

Negative Deaths of the Decade

Michael Jackson: Now everybody just listens to Pitbull.

So that's the Bob Awards of the Decade. The Bob Awards for the year 2009 will be up in April

Happy New Decade. Take care of each other.


Friday, 23 October 2009

It's not what you see, it's what the bloody hell it means

Many people will probably stop reading at this moment, cause I'm gonna start on politics. But bear with me, cause after that it gets better.

I'm a liberal, thus I understand where PKR comes from, and if they promote so-called freedom of speech, I'd vote for them.

Problem is, they're the same gang with PAS, who I must say are the most obnoxious group of people I can see. Fine, fight for Muslim rights, but which rights are you fighting for? The right of the Muslims to keep their faith in order, or the right of Malay's to keep Islam a totally Malay thing? You show me a Chinese or Indian Muslim whose in that party then I'll reconsider joining this misbegotten-delusional-blowwindoutofyourrectum-party.

I must say though, getting Beyonce to postpone her concert is like getting a cute Persian cat. You stroke it and enjoy it, but if you smother it too much It'll bite you.

Now, to the more interesting part.

Two weeks ago, NASA bombed the moon. Seriously. Go google it.

Three weeks ago, or so, a couple of countries got hit by earthquakes. Last week, Mini, Andrea and I got into an accident and lives, including ours would be lost. Every single day, I see people's Facebook complaining about not getting Jimmy Choo's or Gucci Handbags or complaining about their boyfriends or girlfriends or gay friends or no friends.

Get a little perspective, please.

Quotes of the week.

"The personality of a rectum" - Alwyn Lau, KDU Marketing lecturer.

"We don't all have the rectum of the gods" - Eric Cartman.

"We don't all have the golden rectum of Hercules" - Eric Cartman again.

"Stealing from your boss, that's totally unethical. But perfect qualifications to be a pirate" - Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

And I leave you with the ultimate line in science-fiction (even though I'm more of a Star Wars guy and despise Trekkies)

"Live Long and Prosper" - Spock (By the way, don't name your child Spock, unless you want my child to beat your child senseless)

Have a good weekend and take care of each other


Monday, 12 October 2009

It's a fresh new start

It's been an interesting couple of months. So bear with me with the updates before I get to the fun stuff.

I'm doing my Murdoch Bachelors of Media at KDU (see how I didn't say 'I'm at KDU? Interesting point to ponder), and regardless of the hard work, I'm having fun. The classmates are great too, because unlike diploma, everybody actually has a talent for something and we all learn while competing with each other, so it's all feel good in class and competition at home.

On a related note, things are changing in the media world. Some formerly-black guy died, some former Angel died, and some former Boyzone-turned Gay man died. On more important news, David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who, and I'm finally getting to grips with the fact that an actor who I've grown to love and whose portrayal of a character is the best I've ever seen, tied with Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow (Malaysians couldn't care less bout Doctor Who, cause let's face it, we don't have the mental capability to enjoy good quality shows. Example: Aliens vs Predator). Please, stop downloading Gossip Girl and download Doctor Who (preferably, the episode Love & Monster's, which is a good episode for beginners).

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (Good Looking man, isn't he ladies?). Goodbye David, thanks for the good memories. Matt Smith has big shoes to fill (as the Eleventh Doctor).

In the real world, some men stepped on a cows head (probably caused they were trying to avoid the cow shit) and it seemed to piss people off. I'll just say, that these guys, dah batal puasa dah.

Now the interesting stories.

First: Met this girl named Lina. We became fast friends, mainly because her birthdays two days before mine (and the same day with my classmate, Andrea). However, here's a small network of how small our worlds are.

Lina = her best friend = my former classmate

Lina = another friend = my current classmate

Me = Aiman = Aiman's Neighbour = Lina's classmate = Lina herself

We have about 13 networks (yes Lina, I checked), thus it's a small bloody world.

Another small world story

Anna (my Screen Studies lecturer) = best friend to my diploma classmate.

And then there's Mini, Yvonne, Cassie and countless others. I believe that as far as I run, I can't get away, so I should stop running and start sitting on the couch (I gained 8 kg's by the way).

Interesting funny stories:

Mini (whose mixed Indian, Thai, Chinese, and countless others) didn't come to class one day. Thus, 

Andrea: Bob why is Mini not coming to class?

Bob: She's at the Thai embassy.

Andrea: WHAT? WHY?

Bob: She got caught supporting HINDRAF. They're trying to sort things out.


Bob: No

And then, of course, the roles are reversed.

Andrea missed a couple of days of classes (and she's never one to miss classes. She's the class leader and secretary) because she was sick, with an eye infection which made her half blind for a couple of days.

Mini: Did Andrea come to class today?

Bob: No. She lost one eye yesterday cause of an accident.

Mini: WTF? What happened?!

Bob: She fell on a cat and the cat scratched her eye out.


Bob: No.
These two girls, who are my posse, homies, boys in the hood in class, are intelligent, sophisticated women (pretty too). So it feels good that I can pull their legs. :D

I'm off. I'll get back to my normal ramblings about society, media and friends soon :D

See ya

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